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Topics: The conference is soliciting state-of-the-art research papers in the following areas of interest, but not limited:

Materials Science and Engineering

Electro and magnetostrictive materials

Application of smart materials

Electroactive polymers

Biomedical manufacturing 


Casting and solidification 

Energy storage materials

Coatings and surface engineering 

Failure analysis

Composite materials 


Computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering 

Functionally graded materials

Destructive and non-destructive testing

Innovative composites

Environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes and systems 

Integrated with sensors

Fundamentals of smart materials

Intelligent hydrogels

Joining processes

Intelligent systems

Laser based manufacturing 

Interfacial phenomena


Micro and nano systems

Manufacturing process planning and scheduling 

Microstructural characterization

Materials Applications


Materials behavior 

Phase boundaries and boundary layers

Materials characterization, modeling and performance


Materials forming


Materials processing and product manufacturing


Materials recycling and other related topics

Self-healing materials and multifunctional materials

Materials-Environment interactions and protection

Sensors and smart material systems

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Control 

Shape memory alloys and polymers

Mesoscale and micro manufacturing equipment and processes 

Smart materials

Metrology and measurement 

structures and related technology

Modeling, analysis, and simulation of manufacturing processes 


Modeling, formulation and characterization of smart actuators

Trends and development in composite materials

Nanofabrication, nanometrology and applications 

Nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing 

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

New materials for structural and functional applications

Additive manufacturing

Nontraditional manufacturing 

Application of evolutionary computing techniques in manufacturing operations

Powder metallurgy and ceramic forming 

Computer-integrated manufacturing systems

Precision molding processes 

Laser technology and applications

Rapid manufacturing technologies 

Machine tools technology

Semiconductor materials manufacturing 

Machining and forming technology

Smart material systems that utilize biomimetics and bioinspiration

Manufacturing planning, optimization and simulation

Smart materials utilized as sensors and actuators with applications

Materials joining

Smart optical materials for modification in spectral shifts and refractive index shift

Micro and nano-fabrication

Surface, subsurface, and interface phenomena

Non-traditional material removal processes

Actuators and controllers

Precision engineering, inspection, measurement and metrology

Applied to automation and robotic systems that utilize smart material systems

Robotics, mechatronics and manufacturing automation

Electro and magnetocaloric materials

Smart Manufacturing 

Electro and magnetorheological materials

Sustainable and green manufacturing